Hi, I'm Selynna! 👋

About me

I'm a rising 3rd year computer science major at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and my main technical focus is full-stack web development.

Aside from doing CS at school, I'm super involved within the hackathon community, and have founded and/or directed several hackathon organizations. In addition, I'm currently a Major League Hacking coach and get sent to hackathons monthly!

If you'd like my resume, please email me for a copy.


2018: Software Engineering Intern at Salesforce

2017: Software Engineering Intern at Intuit

2017: Software Engineering Intern at iFixit

2016: Intern/Community Coordinator at Hack Club

2015: Software Engineering Intern at Sokikom


2018: Technical Lead at Spectra

2017, 2018: Founder, Lead/Sponsorship Director at SLO Hacks

2017: Sponsorship Director at HSHacks

2016, 2017: Assistant Regional Manager at CodeDay Bay Area

2016: Founder, Lead/Sponsorship Director at Los Altos Hacks